Why Creative Photography?

Why Creative?

"Gotta Have It All? I'm not your average High School Senior Photographer. Besides having images that rock, one of my biggest goals for my seniors is for you to feel right at home. You'll hardly even know your being photographed. Bring your I-Phone/Android device and we will fill the room with tunes that make you tick. Bring your Prom Dress, favorite books, sports equipment, guitar, or your favorite artwork. Show us your passion, and we'll give it right back."

The Truth                

Where do I go for my Senior Portraits? This is the most confusing part of the whole process. Your school tells you to go to the recommended photographer, yet you want to be different and unique. Here is THE TRUTH. You can go anywhere you want to for your Yearbook picture and everything else.

Now the tricky part. . .

Who do I choose to take my Senior Portraits?

SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHER – More than likely this is a national company with no local ties to the community, and has no creativity. You may have to stand in line like a factory in the school gym. Skip the school photographer.

THE FRIEND – This is always a nightmare! Usually this person has lettle experience with posing, lighting or retouching. It might be a cheap option . . .but really, don't you want someone to photograph you with the skills on how to make you look your very best?

THE INSTAGRAM PHOTOGRAPHER - One day they went to Best Buy and bought a camera. They next made an Instagram/Facebook page and uploaded some pictures of friends they took in the back yard. This is when the “you get what you paid for” . . really comes true.

THE WEEKEND WARRIOR - This person usually has a Full time job in another field other than photography. They are looking for a quick buck . . so they start a photography business. Again, you get what you pay for

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO – Let's be honest, we want you to choose Creative Photography, but more important, we want you to choose a Professional Portrait Studio. There are many choices in WNY for Senior Portraits, watch the short video above, and visit "The Details" page to see why Creative is the choice for you!


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